Sonim Sets Guinness World Record for Toughest Phone

Lots of phones claim to be tough. Plenty of them are even built to meet military -grade specifications for resistance to water, shock, dust, salt fog, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, and extreme temperature storage. But Sonim can take that claim to toughness one step further, now that the Sonim XP3300 Force has been officially entered into the Guinness World Records.

The ultra-rugged XP3300, which PCMag reviewed back in February (see the slideshow below), survived a drop of over 82 feet onto concrete without any operational damage to claim the title. That's higher than a twelve-story building!
The previous world record has been held since 2008 by the JCB Toughphone, for withstanding a drop of 10.6 feet. To fulfill the requirements for inclusion in the Guinness World Records, the XP3300's record attempt was witnessed by independent judges from Guinness World Records, who tested the phone by making a call and sending a text message to confirm it was still working after the drop.

"We wanted to stamp Sonim's name on the World Record, confirming that the Sonim XP3300 Force is the toughest phone in the world," said Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke. "Most mobile phones are drop-tested to a metre, which just isn't enough in extreme environments such as construction sites, oil rigs or in the forest."





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